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Note reading, ear training, piano technique, and classical music - See how we make it happen like magic.

Who is Presto for?

Presto is for the beginning pianist, whether they have had a year or so of piano lessons or no piano lessons at all. Presto teaches so much more than piano! We teach COMPLETE musicianship: vocal training, ear training, sight reading, music theory, rhythm, music history, proper piano technique, and we do it in a fun, snappy style that tweens love! Most likely, those students who already have had a year or so of piano haven't studied all areas of music. In fact, they most likely have only dabbled a little in rhythm, have some note reading skills, and developed some finger strength. We include an optional "challenge" section written into the Presto curriculum to satisfy the appetite of hard working students and that of students who already have finger dexterity built from previous piano lessons.

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Class Information

  • Ages 7-12
  • Materials Fee - $70 for the entire year ($35 per semester)
  • Classes meet for 60 minutes each week
  • 3-4 students per class
  • Tuition varies by region - contact teacher near you for exact cost

What Educators and Parents are Saying

Most comprehensive program...

Presto is the most comprehensive beginning piano program out there for children ages 7 -12 years old. Not only does Presto teach theory, ear training, music history, solfeggio, sight reading and fun, engaging repertoire, it also teaches superb technique from the very first lesson. Students learn the correct way to sit at the piano, how to use their arm weight to produce a beautiful tone and how to keep their fingers strong and curved to control the sound of the piano. This is so rare to find in a beginning piano setting. Presto truly has it all! And the best part - it is so much fun!

Leslie Irvine, BM, Piano Performance

My boys practice so much better!

I have two of my boys in Presto. They love going to the Presto lessons and have learned so much by the fun way the material is presented.  They have taken piano lessons previously for a couple years from different teachers and their growth from Presto has been huge in comparison to past piano lessons. Their piano technique has improved dramatically just in the last 6 months The way they hold themselves and how they use their hands has improved. They have learned many basic concepts that have helped them understand why they do what they are doing. I love how the program is outlined in many small concepts that build upon each other. It is very age appropriate- it's basic yet, builds quickly and is challenging enough. It has been neat to see how Presto trains them in so many ways. They are receiving ear training, learning their Solfege hand signs, theory, and one of my favorite things is they are learning music history. I love Presto and would recommend it to everyone! It is so much more than just piano lessons- it is interactive, fun, and engaging. My boys even practice so much better at home than they have in past years. The lessons are set up to make practicing easy and very understandable.

Jennifer Wilde~ parent


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